DIY: Create a Peace Corner

What’s a peace corner? A peace corner is a place reserved solely for the fine act of chillin’. In my classroom, I have a peace corner set up for my kiddos for when they feel that they just need a sec to re-group or get focused. Here’s a snapshot: IMG_0465

But y’all. Little ones certainly aren’t the only ones who can massively benefit from a place to just step away from it all or “unplug” for a little chunk of time.

Enter the grown-up peace corner, which can have any name you like– I call mine the zen nook, for example.


I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts recently (Happier with Gretchen Rubin), and the “happiness hack” or “try this at home” — I forget which category– was something along the lines of “Put unused space in your home to use.” I immediately thought of the small-but-spacious-enough alcove beneath our lofted bed in our studio apartment. At the time, it was just being used for storage, but it was the perfect space for a little meditation nook or hang-out zone.

Several weeks and a couple Amazon orders later, it’s ready to use, and I am so excited. Here are the deets to get you started:

Project: Cool down zone/Peace Corner/Zen nook

Cost: Zero dollars up to whatever your budget may be (we ordered some meditation pillows on Amazon that cost about forty bucks a piece)

Time Required: However long it takes you to re-organize spaces – Ours broke down to approximately this:

2 weeks- gradually moving things out of the storage space and finding a new spot for them…or just saying “man, we need to make a move on our zen nook”

10 mins– complete set-up

–> It should be noted that for some people, this could get done in half a day or less 🙂

What I have in my Zen Nook:

– Three meditation pillows

– One yoga mat and one exercise mat

– a dream catcher from one of my students

-two bottles of essential oils (rosemary and lemon)

– Three cards with feel-good greetings and an art print fastened to the wall

— A small library with books such as “Do one Thing Every Day That Scares You”; “The Science of Fear”: and “One Act of Kindness Per Day: A Journal”

“What should I do in this area?” – read, meditate, color coloring books, count sheep, write thank you notes, doze off into naps, daydream, or just stare at the wall if it’s been one heck of a day. It’s your space, so it’s yours to decide what goes on!

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