So. What exactly can you expect from this blog anyways?

IMG_0156Here it is, folks- a window into what we can expect from here on out.

I’ve written a handful of wordier posts to welcome people to this blog and shed some light on its origin, but from this point forward there will be three different types of posts that you can select from, based on whatever floats your blog reading boat. Or dive into all of them! That’d be pretty awesome too 🙂

Posts on this blog are going to be categorized into three separate themes: DIY, Food for Thought, and Let’s Get Deep – in post length order, think short, medium, and long, respectively.

DIY posts will be short, headings-guided posts that will outline a featured mindfulness or self-care tip with the following info: what the tip is, relevant how-to’s/supplies needed, amount of time it will take up, cost (if any), and maybe a quick real-life anecdote related to that specific tip.

Food for Thought posts will usually be centered on little tidbits of inspiration that I encounter in the delightfulness of everyday life– maybe an act of kindness that I witness, something one of my students says, or a really beautiful conversation that I happen to hear (ahem eavesdrop on) while riding the bus.

And then Let’s Get Deep posts are the ones that you’re going to want to settle down in a comfy chair for and find a good snack to munch on while reading. These posts will tackle larger themes within the space of self care, mindfulness, busy lives, gratitude, and perspective. The Whole Enchilada posts, if you will.


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