The Busy Brag

IMG_0729Okay so we tackled identity, now for the busy brag.

If you’re anything like me, at one point or another, you’ve rattled off what’s on your plate, perhaps without that person even asking what your minute-by-minute schedule looks like. Usually it’s in response to a friendly, unsuspecting, “How are things?” Our society tends to glorify “look how much I’m doing/look how busy I am/Look how hard I’m working/Today’s one of those days where I just FORGOT to eat lunch!” (Side note– don’t skip lunch! Nothing good ever happens from skipping lunch. Only frustration and 4pm junk food. And then more frustration that you got cheeto dust on v. important documents.) And for whatever reason, there’s this bizarre guilt with having ample time to spare, or getting a totally “indulgent” good night’s sleep, or “treating oneself” to just doing absolutely nothing. Like, that shouldn’t be a big deal, y’all! We shouldn’t have to pat ourselves on the back for treating ourselves decently and catering to our own basic human needs.

SO. Instead of trying to one-up eachother on how busy all our lives surely indeed are, let’s instead acknowledge yes, we all have quite busy moments– weeks, even– but even in all those jam-packed iphone calendars and BlueSky planners, there is still time and opportunity to treat yourself well, find spaces and places to rest, and eat breakfast lunch and dinner, and all of those wonderful fundamental parts of a day that help us keep on keepin’ on through our busiest phases.

It can be like an exciting grownup easter egg hunt, but instead of looking for plastic eggs with jelly beans, we’re looking for pockets of time and opportunity within our day to be our own best friend and ally– and taking quite a breather from the busy brag.

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