Now That We’re Here, Let’s Get Started

IMG_0790Hello! Welcome to the Mindful Maniac. I’m glad you’re here. Allow me to break down the title a little bit for you, or at least offer a proper introduction.

So. What’s this blog about? It’s about getting peace of mind in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s about finding moments and techniques for self-care, even if you’re convinced you’re someone who tosses it out the window when the going gets jam-packed.

Why should you insist on a little slice of inner zen on the regular? Because you are awesome, and you deserve some calm and self-care just as much as the next person.

What inspired me to create this blog? In recent years, I’ve noticed that our society has a tendency to be pretty big on two things: the busy brag, and clinging onto identities. This blog is here to shake up  both of those concepts, in the sense that they often act as barriers to prioritizing self-care.

Whether we think we’re too busy, not “zen enough,” high maintenance, low maintenance, somewhere in between, double booked, triple booked, burning the midnight oil, “not a yoga person,” type A, type B, type C, distracted by shiny things, whatever adjectives you’d use to describe yourself that don’t align with the conventional association of “grounded,” I’m here to tell you: you can be absolutely all over the place and still find ways (and time) to achieve some semblance of balance and centeredness.

I’m not promising nirvana, I’m suggesting calm within the little storms that might occur on any given week. As your fellow mindful maniac, I am thrilled to share tips and tricks that I have learned (and continue to learn) along the way in the categories of mindfulness, psychology, and self-care, so that no matter how busy we feel, we can still make some time to stretch, and breathe.


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